Big Sur, California, United States

Sit in a River

You may have driven by or even stopped at The Big Sur River Inn Restaurant and General Store.

What you might not have noticed is that behind the buildings runs the Big Sur River, and that next to and in the river are lots of Adirondack Chairs.

You can order food to go from the bar at the restaurant, or get something from the burrito bar at the General Store, then head down, slip off your shoes and take a seat in the river. Not hungry? You can also get to-go drinks from the bar or canned/bottled beverages from the general store.

This is such a simple pleasure, having a beer with friends in a lazy meandering river.

We stop here every time we go by.

(Note! Most of the reviews I have read of the food and service in the restaurant are bad. We usually opt for something from the decent (not great) burrito bar in the general store. The store has lots of beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverages, and the restaurant bar has a decent variety of beer on tap. Again, for me this place is about the river, not the Big Sur-priced food.

Also, if you show up at lunch or dinner time on a holiday or weekend this place can be super crowded and not so enjoyable. Shoot for a weekday or between generally accepted feeding times.)

Sit in a River