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Fall Protection Systems for Safety and Easy Access

Being the number one occupational hazard, falls are most common in any workplace but can be easily avoided with certain precautions. Fall protection systems need to be installed during construction to keep the workers safe when they are working at high altitudes. It is necessary to install anchor points at high places as temporary or permanent anchorage points in industrial sectors. When you are working on a roof with sloped or flat surfaces, the building should have fall arrest anchors to keep you safe.

While selecting a fall protection system make sure to find one which is easy to install, comfortable and adjustable to move from point to point. Fall protection kits come with detailed instructions on how to use the system. The fall protection anchor kit has one anchorage connector, body support to keep the worker safety and a connector to move freely. Using all the three components together will give maximum protection against fall. Commercial and residential roof anchors differ in design and functionality. Install customized roof fall arrest anchor suited for the project needs.

An arrest anchor is only as safe as the strength of the materials used in the fall protection system. A standard protection system should support at least 3000 pounds of weight and offer resistance and safety to the person in the event of fall. The most crucial aspect of using fall protection systems is its anchorage point. Roof-penetrating anchor points offer fixed support and have greater strength while mobile anchor points do not have the need to penetrate the roof.

Even fixed anchor points are not reliable if the materials used in Anchorage are of weak strength. Fall protection services send an engineer to evaluate the construction site before deciding on the type of anchor points needed for the project. Depending on the situation at the site, the engineer recommends horizontal fall protection systems or vertical fall protection systems or mobile anchor points or permanent anchor points.

One of the best fall protection systems comes from horizontal lifelines. They allow the worker to move from one point to another and they can be customized for a specific design easily. Apart from its advantages, the limitation we face from using the horizontal lifeline is the time. Installing horizontal systems is time-consuming and little higher on a budget when compared to other systems. Portable or mobile anchor points are best for a site where roof penetration is restricted.

They are best suited for jobs that have to be performed at intermediate heights. They are easy to install and use as it consumes less time for installation. When it comes to installing and using fall protection training is a must. Al the workers and engineers have to go through a basic training of how to use the fall protection systems, how to install the anchor points and the precautions to be taken before starting work and during the accidents. According to OSHA standards, no worker is allowed to use the anchor systems without undergoing proper training.