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How to Develop a Fall Protection Plan

The ‘ANSI fall protection’ plan must be according to the ANSI Z359.2 standard. A good written and implemented plan contributes a lot to save the life of workers. It works appreciably well for lowering the risk.

The following are the steps of an effective ‘fall protection plan’ by the Capital Safety
You must define the scope of the program as well as develop the policy.
It is essential to analyse as well as identify all the ‘fall hazards’ related to the workplace.

Determining the right protective methods, which include prevention, elimination as well as control of fall hazards.

Conducting of effective education and training to help the employees know about the ‘fall hazards’ and then take the required precautions.

Carrying out of the inspection of all ‘fall prevention equipment’ for ensuring they are maintained in a top-notch condition.

Administering and auditing the programs for compliance and continuous improvement.

Developing the right ‘work plan’ for the fall protection at the construction sites.
ANSI Z359.2 defines all the roles of an authorized and qualified person as well as competent and program administrator for the ‘fall protection’ plan.

According to the OSHA fall protection, the employers of a company must provide the following

Effective working conditions, which are free of the known dangers.

Keep the floors of the work areas squeaky clean.

Provide and select the needed personal ‘protective equipment’ by all means.
Train the workers related to the work hazards in their language.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Personnel in the ‘Fall Protection’ Plan are:
#1. Program Administrator:

o The program administrator looks into the ‘fall protection’ phases that include development, ongoing monitoring, and implementation.

o He must have in-depth knowledge of all the regulations, standards, equipment and systems related to the ‘fall protection system’ and offer guidance to workers that can be impacted by ‘fall protection’ system.

o He participates in all the ‘accident investigations’, organizes the effective training programs as well as determines the proficient ‘fall protection’ plan.

#2. Accomplished Supervisor:

The personnel is the supervisor that ensures workers who work at great heights must be trained for a job. He assesses the fall hazards as well as identifies the existing and new ‘fall hazards’ and different ways for protecting the workers from dangerous accidents.

#3. Authorized Person Worker:

He uses the equipment for the ‘fall protection’ on a regular basis for carrying out his duties.

Development of a Plan:

For developing a ‘fall protection’ plan, all the dangers need to be assessed such as the height of the construction site and also the extent of the hazard to which the workers are exposed to. After surveying the fall hazards, a solution is devised for protecting the workers from various kinds of hazards like guard-rails, handrails and the covers for ‘fall openings. Some of the right equipment for arresting falls comprises of anchorage, body support, connector, and rescue plan.

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