Winsted, Winchester, Connecticut, United States

The American Mural Project

Fourteen years ago, Ellen Griesedieck began painting American workers on a scale that was larger than life. Her goal was to highlight the people whose work around the country goes unnoticed. The end product will be a mural nearly 50ft tall and 125ft long.

Griesedieck was determined to draw attention to the workers of America, and she said to herself, "I'm going to make something so big no one can miss it. That's the basic start."

The project, first named The Wall of America, is now called The American Mural Project and with the years, it has grown to include work by a cross-section of people across the country. The most important participants to Griesedieck, however, are the children whose artwork is now an integral part of the mural.

"There's something missing in the way we see ourselves," says Griesedieck, "and that missing part is causing us not to be as powerful as we could be as a country because we don't stand up proudly and say this is who we are anymore. We've kind of forgotten that, especially younger people."

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