East Bayside, Portland, Maine, United States

We're Not Getting Any Younger

My best friends and I met up for a weekend in Portland—we've known each other for about 30 years, so it's always amazing to be able to spend an entire weekend together. We all assume this kind of trip is a precursor to our impending Golden Girls living situation, which is itself a precursor to the less preferable—but totally okay—assisted living community we will all shack up in along with our respective partners.

Anyway, we didn't really think much about the fact that it was Easter Sunday when we made our plans. Consequently, on Sunday we spent a lot of time walking and looking for a suitable lunch spot after a trip out to Peaks Island.

In terms of food needs, we were dealing with one pregnant lady, one vegetarian who is allergic to legumes (among other things), one pescetarian who hates shellfish and eggs, and one poor guy who was just really hungry and pushing for a place he could get a lobster roll.

We ended up at East Ender, which was not only open but met all of our dining needs. High marks from everyone involved.

We're Not Getting Any Younger