Skowhegan, Skowhegan, Maine, United States

You Say Coconut, I Say Potato.

On holidays, my mom used make an at-home version of Needham candies—a candy bar I have only seen in Maine. I always assumed the dark chocolate squares were filled with coconut. But, guess what else is in there. Potatoes.

While Idaho has kinda stolen Maine's thunder on the potato thing, Maine grows lots of those suckers—and some of them go into this delicious candy!

If memory serves, Needham candy wrappers were bright orange wax paper with a blue and white logo (and no mention of potato). I don't think the paper was sealed, really. I remember it kind of folding over and sticking a bit to itself in the middle. I am sure that today's safety standards were not met—but I am alive and well to talk about this, so it all worked out.