Lower Manhattan, New York, New York, United States

Al Pacino at Caffe Reggio

This is a photo from 1989 of Al Pacino at Caffe Reggio (119 MacDougal) which in 1927 became the first place in America to serve cappuccino. It is the oldest surviving cafe in Greenwich Village.

Caffe Reggio is mentioned in the scripts of both The Godfather II (1974) and Serpico (1973).

Oscar Isaac meets Carey Mulligan here in Inside Llewyn Davis (2013). Scarlett Johansson meets Topher Grace here in In Good Company (1997). Gwyneth Paltrow meets David Schwimmer here in The Pallbearer (1996). Christopher Walken appears here in Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976). Richard Roundtree appears here in Shaft (1971). Isaac Hayes wrote a song about Caffe Reggio. Sean Connery appears here in The Next Man (1976).

JFK made a campaign speech outside the cafe in 1960. Jack Kerouac had coffee here. So did Bob Dylan. Andy Warhol came here, sitting by the doorway, after leaving the hospital after being shot in 1968.

There is a wall painting from the School of Carvaggio inside and a Renaissance era bench from the Medici family. There is a ceiling fan inside that was a prop in Casa Blanca (1942). This cafe has see almost every artist and writer in Greenwich Village.

Al Pacino at Caffe Reggio