Central, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago El 1967 Randolph/Wabash Station

Stouffer's restaurant (r) at the Randolph/Wabash Station can be seen in 1967 in The Loop in Chicago. It closed in 1981.

The family business traces its roots back to a creamery from 1914 in Cleveland. The restaurant business opened in 1924. They expanded out of Ohio in 1929.

This location was open by 1941. By 1948, a second Chicago restaurant on Wabash at 111 S Wabash was open.

They expanded into hotels in 1956. Microwave food company Litton bought Stouffer in 1967 and sold it to Nestle in 1973. Stouffer Hotels sold to Renaissance Hotels in 1993.

The white sign on the left was for Black Hawk Restaurant (139 N. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL), open 1920-1984, which was part of the Chicago jazz scene.

This Stouffer's building has since been demolished.

Chicago El 1967 Randolph/Wabash Station