Clarksdale, Mississippi, United States

Van Halen childhood home

See if you can figure out who is who.

The childhood home of Alex Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen was at 1881 Las Lunas (Pasadena, CA).

Their Mom (Happy Mother's Day today) Eugenia van Halen forced them to take piano lessons, taking a 1-hour bus ride to get there.

Eddie would win piano competitions 3 years straight at Long Beach City College.

But later in life, he'd be known as one of the best guitarists in rock history, forming a band with his brother Alex called Van Halen.

Alex would be known for his drumming.

Now back to the photo. Who is Eddie and who is Alex?

Most sources for these photos do not tell the difference.

Eddie actually started out on the drums and Alex started out on guitar and they would later switch.

The biggest clue is Alex is 2 years older than Eddie (see left photo).

I once saw a replica for Eddie's guitar with a coin embedded in it. The replica was selling for $25,000!

Van Halen childhood home