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Bushcraft Knife Skills One Should Know

Bushcraft knife is always a good companion of bushcrafters during their stay in the wilderness. It keeps bushcrafters company in everything they do in the bush and making all their tasks easier to achieve.

Bushcraft knife skills you should know

1. Cutting branches - Whether it is for building structures or just to clear your trill, cutting branches is a normal activity, when you are in bushcraft. Knife is the best tool to do it.

2. Batoning - Another task is batoning, which is splitting a wood. It is also best done with a bushcraft knife.

3. Peeling. When you are peeling a bark of a tree, you can also use a bushcraft knife to easily do it. A knife is designed to handle this kind of task.

4. Making a fire - While in a bushcraft, there is a necessity to light a fire. The purpose is maybe to scare off wild animals or cooking your meal. It is always easier to do it using a bushcraft knife.

5. Hunting - Hunting is also best done using a bushcraft knife. They are designed to be used for that purpose. They are made durable and ready for a kill.

6. Processing meat - Meat processing skills is also important. You must learn to do it, using bushcraft knife.

7. Carving - Carving wood for making signage will require you to learn the skill using bushcraft knife.

Some causes of bushcraft knife injuries

• Unsharpened blade - A dull blade will require you to put more strength. Doing this, the chances of the blade deflecting is high. If this happens, accident will occur by means of a cut.

• Weak grip - When in hunting, holding your bushcraft knife lightly will result to injury. You must grip firmly the handle to avoid this kind of accident.

• Hold the knife in a good distant from other people - You must make sure that your movement will not result to injury to others.

• Do not use your body as a chopping board - When chopping something, put it against another hard object or just put it in the ground. Do not put it against your body.

• Focus - Always be in focus, while you are using the bushcraft knife. This is to avoid hitting other parts of our body. Not being focus will result to knife accident.

• Safety equipment - Ignoring the need to use safety equipments will always result to knife accidents.

• Emergency kit - This kit is so important in working with a knife. Failing to observe this requirement will result to serious complications to injuries.

Bushcraft Knife Skills One Should Know