Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

The pad Thai

So, here's the deal. Everyone insists you eat the pad Thai when in Thailand. And of course you should. But what I found is that it's a little harder to find than you think. In Bangkok, I kept asking where I could have some (near my hotel) and would be directed to a place somewhere in a mall (there are a lot of malls in Bangkok - I think that's due to the heat), but I didn't want to have my first authentic pad Thai experience in a mall! And because I ventured out of the city and into the country, I missed the night markets (which open at 4pm) and have a lot to offer, including pad Thai.

Truth is, though it's a common dish, it's not that easy to find. Not every single food vender has it, and there are some places that you want to travel to for it.

On the night that I finally found pad Thai, I was on my way back to my hotel after a generous dinner with friends. Belly already full, I could do nothing more but take a photo of the pad Thai I didn't have then, or any other night during my visit.

More reason to go back.

The pad Thai