Delta Neretva Momići, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, Croatia

Traditional Ladjna Ride and Island Picnic (experience)

This is Ladjna, a traditional Croatian, or more specifically Neretvan boat, used for generations and what is special about this boat is that it's owned by a pirate descendant, which can be seem from the earring he was wearing. The golden earring was the most valuable thing a pirate owned and when he died it was used to pay for the burial cost.

The stories our captain told on our way to their hidden island were fascinating. Nowadays this family owns their part of the waters and use it for fishing eels rather than practices piracy.

This Ladjna boat was the car of the time where there were no cars and it was used for everything from fishing and transportation to even giving birth. The boats used to be connected to roles and pulled by women (!). The women would walk on the land and keep pulling these boats for long distances from one destination to another.

These wetlands are relaxing to visit and a haven for bird-lovers as over 200 special have been spotted here (it's on migration route), several of which are rate and protected nowadays.

Traditional Ladjna Ride and Island Picnic (experience)