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Lauren Geremia: Interior Designer

Lauren Geremia of Geremia Design has an impressive roster of commercial and residential interior spaces she has designed under her belt. Chances are you have sipped cocktails in one of these establishments (aka Churchill or Bloodhound) or maybe even lucky enough to visit (or work!) at one of these SF tech start up (ie. Rdio, Dropbox, Lumosity). So it’s no surprise that she has been voted a Forbes “30 under 30” once you have seen her modern-meets-handmade designs. It’s also no surprise that she has a house/office space that is to die for all in little ol' Emeryville. (Hello indoor pool!)

How would you describe your design process and aesthetic?

Our process is somewhat tailored to a clients needs but always involves getting to know them well and creating a clear scope, budget, and schedule. Then we get creative to solve problems and manifest key words or ideas in the space. We make things, we buy things, and we put it all together one weekend for a big reveal.
Our aesthetic is modern and eclectic. It's made up of things I love and lots of handmade objects by friends. Fine art is my biggest interest. It usually is the anchor of all my rooms.

I first fell in love with your work after drinking far too many cocktails at Churchill. Do you have a favorite space that you've designed?

I have recently finished an office for the company Lumosity. They were really supportive clients and I feel like we accomplished a lot together because of that. We continue to add touches and changes. It evolves and I have an excuse to visit often. I sort of designed myself into their culture permanently.

Your spaces seem to blend artistic and hand-made craftsmanship with modern design. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mainly from the people that make them. There are so many people that are devoting their careers to making things right now(and are really great at it). It is a refreshing compliment to the innovations that happening in technology around us which products are less physical. It's fun to invest in people with passion and collect things that had lots of love put in them.

How and why did you land in Emeryville?

My house is my office. It's a big space to think and play and work. I needed high ceilings and to be able to make a mess. I have grown to love Emeryville but really was originally just drawn to the property. Since moving here I have found that there are many gems like mine. I am really close to the city still, I suppose I like being right outside the action.

For all her drool-worthy work, be sure to peep Lauren's site.

Photo via R29

Lauren Geremia: Interior Designer