Mission District, San Francisco, California, United States

Share the Shame.

Remember that thing called teen angst and your only true friend who you could confess anything to was your journal? Well, if you've blocked that out then share in the shame by listening to other people unearth their deepest darkest secrets.

Mortified is a stage performance show where adults read from their childhood journals in front of complete strangers. Mortified Nation is a documentary released today (November 5, 2013) that profiles these performers from the across the country and transports viewers into a whirlwind of emotions. You will laugh. You will cry. You will feel mortified for the performers but only because you too can relate. You may even feel inspired to go home and unearth your diary!

I had the pleasure of attending the premier last Sunday at the Brava Theater and laughed and cringed with the raucous audience. Performers were present, as well as the co-creators and film director, who held a Q&A at the end. Heck, they even invited everyone to get drunk at Pops with them afterward. Leave your shame at the door (there is enough of it here already) and attend a screening or purchase online.