Lurgan, United Kingdom

Lived Once, Buried Twice

During a time when widespread infection of illness was feared, a woman named Margorie McCall was hastily buried after she died from a fever in 1705. A valuable ring was buried with her, which her husband could not remove because of swelling.

The next night, before the soil had settled over her coffin, her body was dug up by tomb robbers (in some versions of the story, it was a corrupt sexton). They tried to slide the ring off of her finger, but finding it impossible, decided to cut her finger off. Upon the initial incision, Margorie suddenly awoke, sat straight up and screamed. The robber fled. Margorie managed to pull herself out of the hole and made her way home.

In embellished versions of the story, she knocked on the front door of her house after a long walk from the cemetery. Her husband opened it, and seeing her standing there in her funeral clothes, dropped dead out of shock. Margorie eventually remarried, had more children and lived to a ripe old age.

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Lived Once, Buried Twice