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Manson Sings: Home is Where You're Happy

Charles Manson, the man who never had a happy home sings as if he did, and it would be pretty convincing too if we didn't know about all of the terrible stuff that he did. Musician Neil Young recalled a time in the 1960s when he was at Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson's home and met Manson. Wilson was living with three girls who had a very intense vibe. Young commented:

After a while, a guy showed up, picked up my guitar, and started playing a lot of songs on it. His name was Charlie. He was a friend of the girls and now of Dennis. His songs were off-the-cuff things he made up as he went along, and they were never the same twice in a row. Kind of like Dylan, but different because it was hard to glimpse a true message in them, but the songs were fascinating. He was quite good.

It's a likeable song from a highly unlikeable man...creepy.