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The torture of the Knights Templar

Imagine being charged with "idolatry, heresy, apostasy, obscene rituals, homosexuality and fraud" .... At that point, the game is pretty much over, which was true for the Knights Templar, Europe's most wealthy and powerful Christian Military during the Middle Ages. King Philip IV of France wasn't a fan. He thought of the group as a cult and set out to bring them down.

On Friday, October 13 in 1307 a group of the Knights Templar were arrested in a pre-dawn raid on their camp. They were arrested and tortured, at which point many gave false confessions, and were thus burned at the stake.

The interrogations were recorded on a 100-foot long paper, which is now in the Archives nationales in France.

Templars being burned at the stake. Via History Today.

The torture of the Knights Templar