Bayview, San Francisco, California, United States

Welcome to the San Francisco Archipelago

Most climate change scenarios assume that our world will change a little. Things will get worse, the sea level will rise a few feet, but mostly, things will go on as they have before.

Not so for a project from the local blogs Urban Life Signs and Burrito Justice. They created a map of San Francisco if there were 200 FEET of sea level rise, which would entail melting most of the ice on Earth, including the vast stores of East Antarctica.

No current climate projection expects this kind of sea level rise. But, if human carbon dioxide emissions continue unabated and the climate models are anything close to right, on climactic time scales — hundreds of years — the San Francisco Archipelago could come to pass.

If you'd like to see what a range of sea level rise scenarios would do to your city, check out Surging Seas, Climate Central and Stamen Design's gorgeous and devastating mapping project.

The local project, though, personalizes the landscape. In any climate change scenario, people will keep living and naming the places in which they live. What was once "that hill by Candlestick Park" will become Isla Candelero.

Learn more about the Bay at the Oakland Museum of California's exhibition, Above and Below: Stories From Our Changing Bay.

Welcome to the San Francisco Archipelago