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Interior of Kew Cottage, Kew Green, home of the Duchess of Cambridge, dated June 1865.

Firstly, no, not *that* Duchess of Cambridge! She has just picked up the title after a gap of over 100 years. This is the Duchess of Cambridge in 1865.

One of four images from a set of related cartes de visite, sent by Elizabeth Davidson to Caroline Hodgson, and revealing a nice discovery about a painting on the wall!

It is dated as being sent in June 1865 so the image must pre-date that. On the reverse it is captioned ...

"Apartment in
Kew Cottage
"Dss of Cambridge's"
CH from her friend
Mrs Davidson"

From the previous pictures we now know exactly who CH and Mrs Davidson are. But the significance of this image is the content. Images of the interior of Cambridge Cottage (as it is known today) are rare, with the only other ones I am aware of being in the Royal Collection at Windsor and dating from c. 1905, the time at which this royal residence was relinquished and became part of Kew.

I was put in touch with a German researcher, Dr Beatrix Ahrens of the Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg, who was interested in the artworks that were hanging in the rooms. And lo and behold it appears that this image contains a significant find.

In her own words:
"I can't tell you how very thankful I am you sent me this photograph! As I had another look at it this morning I thought of knowing the one painting at the back of the room and indeed it is Heinrich Brandes' "Olevano" that once belonged to the Duchesses' husband, Adolphus Frederick, vice king of Hanover!

The painting was sold off to an Australian couple in 1904 in London and today is on display at the Fine Art Gallery Ballarat in Australia. Your postcard [sic!] is finally the proof for the research I have done on the provenance of the painting in the last few months and even years!"

The painting in question is the one at the top-right of the far wall (see notes)

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The whole story and a summary of what we now know about Elizabeth Davidson and Caroline Hodgson now has it's own blog post - see

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Interior of Kew Cottage, Kew Green, home of the Duchess of Cambridge, dated June 1865.