Croix-des-Bouquets, Ouest, Haiti

Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph

Blue doors and a recently repainted welcome sign beckons visitors inside Isidor Gallery, where internationally known Haitian beadwork artist, Jean Baptiste shows his beaded flags encrusted with brilliant rows of beads and sequins framed in satin. Jean Baptiste's larger works take months to complete and often depict symbols and characters, called veves, that come from Haitian voudou.

Step inside and you'll find large dazzling beaded works hanging from the walls and as you step deeper into the gallery, piles of smaller works measuring about 12"x12" can be found stacked on a table alongside beaded purses, coin purses, clutches, and sometimes bracelets and headbands.

My advice is to bring lots of cash and choose the pieces that speak to you. Every one features a veve with a meaning but I often find that I always gravitate towards a piece or two at first glance. Those are always the ones that come home with me.

To find Jean Baptiste's Isidor Gallery, it's right down the road from Le Palmier, Rony Jacques' metalwork studio and atelier.

For more examples of Jean Baptiste's works, visit this site:

Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph