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Russian State Library (DL-219), Moscow, Russian Federation

On July 2, 2018 the Center of Documents of International Organizations of the Russian State Library held a meeting with students of the ecology faculty of MGIMO with Mrs Alexandra Grigorieva - President of the International Public Organization "Yurta Mira". Mrs Grigorieva is also and anthropologist and specialist of historical sciences.

She reported about the activities of "Yurta Mira" to the audience, particularly about its work at the Permanent Forum at the United Nations, on the Indigenous issues of the world and presented to the Library her new book, dedicated to this organization activity.

Students listened to the author with great interest. Mrs A. Grigorieva was born in Yakutia and shared her mother's words for life: "... by nature, you should take only as much as you need in life."

Mrs Grigorieva also spoke about her initiative of creating a new "Yurta Mira museum" that is to be dedicated to increase the understanding of indigenous issues, while contributing to preserve and develop the ethnic identity of the Evenks, the native people of this region.

The meeting was attended by L. Yakovleva - Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Yakut students studying in Moscow universities.

There was also a presentation of the exhibition "Indigenous people: the right to a decent life", organized on the basis of documents and publications from the UN Depository Fund in the Russian State Library.

Russian State Library (DL-219), Moscow, Russian Federation