Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania


Leading up to Athenaeum shot I would bring home 10 or 20 iPads every day and convert them over to become remote controlled display devices. This involved jailbreaking them and installing our software and video sequences on them. Rion, Kim and AnneMarie (who was now also visiting) were also invaluable in getting these all converted over. Sometimes this kept us up until 3:00 AM - which was frustrating because sometimes the call-sheet would have us heading back into work at 5:00 AM. It was a brutal schedule.

I was also still fine-tuning the software, and I had to still be on set to rehearse and puppeteer other shots. Whenever I had a break during shooting I would find a corner or unused prop and sleep on it. I drank a lot of coffee and soda and ate cookies non-stop in order to stay awake.

The challenge wasn't just staying awake but a mental game as well. I wanted to go for long walks, to do something else, to escape the relentless schedule... but time simply didn't permit it.

By way of compromise we looked for fun new restaurants. There were little places that were into molecular gastronomy - that had very specific arrangements of a single radish on a bit of foam - or some tiny little desert like thing just popped out of a liquid nitrogen flask. Sometimes I was just about delirious - but I craved these things. We went through every dining establishment within a ten block radius. The production company was constantly handing me per-diem envelopes with funny money - and there seemed to be way more money than I needed. I still ended up with thousands of RON when all was said and done and a typical meal wouldn't run over a thousand RON. This is a typical example of where we'd eat :

http://theartist.ro/ .