College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Free Nelson Mandela, at Brown

It was 1986 or 1987, and I went to visit my sister @coreyf at Brown University, and I went out with some friends of hers, because Corey really didn't like to go out at night, and I was still in high school so it was an adventure for me to go out with college students.

We ended up at a party, and there was dancing, and at the end of the night they played "Free Nelson Mandela" -- not the a cappella version, but this one, that you can dance to. I danced and danced. I heard it a few more times in the 90s, but haven't heard it since. Until tonight, when I realized it was Nelson Mandela day, and I looked it up. Listening to it brought back good memories.

Here it is: