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Startup the notemap #6: a technical co-founder

When all hope felt lost- a true rose in our bouquet, a technical co-founder for CottageClass. After several investors made it clear to me that this tech startup needed a CTO and it was getting clearer to me that even my MVP for Our Airbnb for microschools was not going to get built on weebly, I set off on my treasure hunt - for the third time. I'd been picky, but it paid off.

Low and behold, in the not so surprising but delightful land of the NY tech meetup, I found my man - a CTO with 18 years of software development experience, who had led two startups to five million users and had a five year old at Altschool.

What an extraordinary blessing it is to find someone who believes in your mission and is just nuts enough to dive into the deep unknown for startup treasure.

3 months later we now have a diverse, international team that speaks six languages and lives in three countries -hot developer, brilliant designer/mom, senior tax and finance expert and six fabulous interns all giving their all to provide children quality education, education that allows them to breathe, to follow their passions, to live with wildness and abundance.

Im particularly proud of our interns who come from organizations that support underserved and minority students getting jobs in tech. I very much believe the "design is in the product" and wanted to put a learning experience at the heart of our company. These interns- ranging in age from 15-18- are incredibly passionate and motivated - and teaching me quite a bit about social media! (Get ready to see them start posting for us on the Findery)

MVP is coming along and we're about to start fundraising for our seed round.

A team is born.

Startup the notemap #6: a technical co-founder