Whitehaven, Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Elvis Will Always Be the King.

"Let me tell what, let me tell you something I feel deep about
Whether you're black or white,
country, redneck or a freak
from Moscow, London to Memphis,
Elvis will always be the King of Rock and Roll..."

It was 37 years ago today that we lost Elvis Presley, The King of Rock and Roll. I remember being at my grandparents house in Carlsbad when the news of his passing broke on the TV.

My grandmother cried. My grandfather, a US Marine and veteran of World War 2, Korea and Vietnam began tearing up. A pall fell on our family dinner. All the adults were upset and it was the first death I remember that had an impact on me.

At the end of our dinner, my grandfather raised his glass of bourbon in the air and said, "To Elvis. May he rest in peace." I observed what was happening around the table and raised my glass of Fresca to the King.