The Apple Pan West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

Five Things: SoCal Pie-pa-looza!

Yah, yah. SoCal. Sun. Beach. Kardashians. And pie. Yes, pie!

Sure we have Tito's Tacos, Stan's Donuts and just about every other kind of food your heart desires, but we also have some really good pie shops worth checking out.

So, here's the five pie shops you should check out between celebrity sightings, The Getty and laying out at the beach.

The Pie Hole: This pie shop is run by a mother and son duo, who have three locations: downtown Los Angeles (in the Arts District), LAX and Pasadena. You can get sweet pies, savory pies and even hand pies (try the Breakfast Veggie hand pie!)

The Apple Pan: A legendary pie shop and hamburger (get the Hickory Burger--trust me!) joint with a following that includes celebrities and mere mortals alike.

The Apple Pan, located in West L.A., is an institution that has been serving their deeelish apple pie since 1947. This is probably even better than your moms. (But don't tell mom, that would just hurt her feelings.)

Simple Things: A newer player in the pie scene, Simple Things has locations all around LA, including Santa Monica and Westwood Village (Go Bruins!). Lots of great choices, but my personal fave is the Key Lime Pie. Not too sour, not too sweet. Yum.

Pie Burger: Located in Pasadena, this pie shop opened in 1963 and has been going strong ever since! When it's in season, you can't go wrong with the Pie'n Burger fresh strawberry pie! Yum!

Du-Pars: Open since 1938, Du-Pars has had plenty of time to master the art of pie making. Famous for their apple pie (pictured), there are still lots of other options, including their incredible Bartlett Pear pie!