Our API seeks to be as RESTful as possible, meaning that all of our endpoints answer to the four major HTTP verbs–GET (to fetch), POST (to create), PUT (to update), and DELETE (to, well, delete)–in the most consistent manner reasonable.

Some older HTTP utilities may make using any HTTP method other than GET and POST difficult; in such limited environments, you may PUT and DELETE by passing "_method=VERB" in a POST request and we'll do the right thing.

Our API expects all data to be valid UTF-8 encoding.

GET /notes

Get notes.Details

GET /notes/:id

Get a note.Details

POST /notes

Create a note.Details

PUT /notes/:id

Edit a note.Details

DELETE /notes/:id

Delete a note.Details

GET /notes/:id/tags

Get a list of tags for a note.Details

GET /notes/:id/comments

Get a list of comments for a note.Details

GET /notes/:id/comments/:id

Get a comment.Details

POST /notes/:id/comments

Create a comment.Details

PUT /notes/:note_id/comments/:id

Edit a comment.Details

DELETE /notes/:note_id/comments/:id

Delete a comment.Details

GET /notes/:note_id/finders

Get users that have found a note.Details

GET /notes/:note_id/favoriters

Get users who've favorited a note.Details

POST /notes/:note_id/favoriters

Favorite a note.Details

DELETE /notes/:note_id/favoriters/:id

Unfavorite a note.Details

GET /users/:id

Get a user.Details

GET /users/by_username/:username

Get a user by username.Details

GET /users/:user_id/favorites

Get a user's favorite notes.Details

GET /users/:user_id/notes

Get a user's notes.Details

GET /users/:user_id/notes

Get a user's notemaps.Details

GET /users/:user_id/followed_maps

Get notemaps a user follows.Details

GET /users/:user_id/followers

Get users that follow user.Details

GET /users/:user_id/following

Get users a user is following.Details

POST /users/:user_id/followers

Follow a user.Details

DELETE /users/:user_id/followers/:id

Unfollow a user.Details

GET /notemaps

Get notemaps.Details

GET /notemaps/:id

Get a notemap.Details

POST /notemaps

Create a notemap.Details

PUT /notemaps/:id

Edit a notemap.Details

DELETE /notemaps/:id

Delete a notemap.Details

GET /notemaps/:notemap_id/notes

Get notes from a notemap.Details

POST /notemaps/:notemap_id/notes

Add a note to a notemap.Details

DELETE /notemaps/:notemap_id/notes/:id

Remove a note from a notemap.Details

GET /notemaps/:notemap_id/followers

Get the followers for a notemap.Details

POST /notemaps/:notemap_id/followers

Follow a notemap.Details

DELETE /notemaps/:notemap_id/followers/:id

Unfollow a notemap.Details

GET /notemaps/:notemap_id/tags

Get tags used in the notes in the notemap.Details

GET /tags/:tag_name/notes

Get notes by tag.Details