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Graffiti City

Walls all over Perth are being sprayed with abandon and since the nature of street art is serendipitous, you never really know where and what you’re going to find. Commissions aren’t just in the CBD either but also in the suburbs, at cafes, retail outlets, train stations, bus stops, surf boards, galleries, libraries and in private residences.

To name just a few, some examples can be seen in North Perth’s Angove Street, Claremont’s Lemon Lane, Mt Lawley’s Beaufort Street, Gold Lane in Subiaco and all over bohemian Fremantle. In the city’s Grand Laneway is a 99 metre mural called Light Locker Art Space by Scottie Neoh and Hiroyasu Tsuri, who have applied their signature design of geometry and nature. The laneway also showcases 2D and 3D works from other artists. As I write this the shopping complex 140 William (at 140 William Street in the city) is getting a make-over graffiti style by 12 local and international artists. And the mural pictured was a work in progress when I photographed it last week, although the artist prefers to remain anonymous.

Artists reign from all over the world from Japan, to Berlin, New York and beyond are now viewing Perth’s spaces as blank canvases to adorn with images of animals, humans, nature, landscapes, abstract depictions and, political and social messages. Several network initiatives and projects have been formed with artists teaming up, like for instance The Opening Hours.

It’s a pretty exciting notion that one day you’ll stroll past a wall which until recently was an empty expanse, and is now a work of art vibrantly bursting from the wall. Some sites to find out more are,, and

Graffiti City