Seaside, California, United States


Known for its glorious beaches, crystal clear air, a bounty of natural attractions, balmy weather, rocky coastal landscapes, world-class wines, friendly atmosphere, and fun loving population, California Central Coast is a great place to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Top attractions at the California Central Coast includes San Barbra, San Luis Obispo, Ventura which are filled with beautiful first-grade restaurants that showcase regional food and wine, Spanish-Mediterranean architecture, and bustling shopping districts.

How to get to California Central Coast
Although, there is an airport located at San Luis Obispo, however, it isn’t advisable to fly directly from San Luis Obispo because the flights are local. Preferably, it is better to fly into Los Angeles or San Francisco and drive straight to Highway 1 to reach the Central Coast which is just 4 hours away from both airports.

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit California’s Central Coast in late February through mid-April. At this time, the rains bring the California hills into life with lots of purple lupine, white Cala lilies, yellow buttercups. Also, the annual wildflower bloom which occurs at this time must not be missed.

Travel Essentials to Take
Here are some essentials to take while on vacation to the California Central Coast

• Travel neck pillow or sleeping mask
• Swimwear
• Trainers/Runners/Tennis Shoes
• Dress
• Pyjamas
• Microfiber travel towel
• Sunglasses
• Hat
• Sun cream

Top 5 Things to do in California Central Coast

• Go surfing at the Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline which covers about 23 miles in the beach town. Although it is at the core of the Central Coast, the sunny town registers a feel of Southern California. Because of the consistent waves of the beach, surfers and bodyboarders make up the vast population of visitors. The beach boasts a lively scene of sunbathers, volleyball players, and surfers during summertime. Even lifeguards on duty are not left out. Another beautiful scene to behold is the Fishing Pier – scenery with stunning ocean views and picnic tables where fishing and strolling activities are a must for any nature lover. Pismo Beach tends to every visitor’s needs as it is beyond perfect for a great summer vacation. Overlooking the beach is the main downtown area which comprises a long list of hotels, cafes, surf shops, chips restaurants, and more.

• Visit the Sea Lions at Morro Bay
If you are a lover of a seaside getaway with lots of outdoor option, then you should try visiting the Morro Bay. With a Morroy Bay adventure pass, you can save a lot of money at this beautiful location. Major things to do here include boat cruises, bicycling, kayaking, golf, standup paddleboarding among others; you can also visit the Tognazzini’s Dockside which has an abundance of oysters plucked fresh from the waters of Morro Bay.

• Go for Farm-to-table dining at Oxnard
Although, there are lots of restaurant at Oxnard. However, one of the best to visit is the Tierra Sur located inside Herzog Wine Cellars, where you can have a taste of fabulous seasonal menus made with ingredients from local farmers. Due to the abundance of Strawberry, Oxnard celebrates its annual California Strawberry Festival which is a great time to enjoy various flavours of strawberries.

• Visit Channel Islands National Park
The Channels Island National Park is a great place for lots of recreational activities and wildlife spotting. It is also an excellent place for snorkelling, hiking and kayaking and whale watching tours. You can spot the Massive Blue whales while they travel from June through September.

• Visit the Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA
The Hearts Castle which is the former home of newspaper publisher Williams Hearst is a magical spot to visit for people of all ages. There are lots of pools, museum, gardens and zebras grazing near the highway by Hearst Castle. The Hearst Castle, San Simeon is a great place to take lots of photo for your Instagram pages and other social media accounts.

Finally, the Central California Coast has lots of opportunities that will leave you with lasting memories for a lifetime. With a fun-loving population, glorious beaches, crystal clear air, a bounty of natural attractions, balmy weather, rocky coastal landscapes, world-class wines, and a friendly atmosphere, this great town is wonderfully positioned for all the fun you can think of.