Burj Al Arab Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10 Interesting Facts About Burj Al Arab – Get Your Visa Now And Travel To Dubai!

Burj Al Arab is the world tallest building and the height of this hotel is 1000 ft. It is one of the most luxurious hotels to stay in. It has been called “The World’s Only 7 Star Hotel”. It took less than 3 years to construct this building. This hotel was constructed to resemble the sail of the Dhow. The hotel which has become an iconic landmark reflects the city of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is one of the most expensive hotels to stay in. The building stands on an artificial island 280 m from Jumeirah beech and making it a popular tourist sightseeing in Dubai.

There are many interesting fact about the building. However, irrespective of its size, the hotel has 28 double-story floors with 202 bed room suites. It does not have ordinary rooms and the smallest suite in hotel occupies an area of 169 square meters while the largest suite covers 780 square meters. The higher floor of this building provides an amazing view of the other wonders of Dubai like views of the man-made islands and palm island Dubai. The stunning hotel includes amenities such as every floor has a reception desks, rain showers and Jacuzzis in each suit. It is a life time experience for everyone to stay in one of the world’s luxurious hotel.

It has helipad near the roof at a height of 210 m above ground. It’s rich heritage offering the highest levels of hospitality and accommodation to guests. Get Visa To Dubai and Experience yourself in Burj Al Arab to enjoy the luxurious treatment. The building’s external lighting varies from white to multicolored, changing every 30 minutes. Also there is a light show where colors interchange rapidly. One of its restaurants Al Muntaha is located 200 m (660 ft) above the Persian Gulf, offer an awesome view of Dubai.

Another restaurant of this hotel is Al Mahara (oyster), which is accessed via a simulated submarine journey from hotel lobby to restaurant entrance, features a large seawater aquarium. With its distinctively high, sail-inspired exterior, this hotel has a private beach, an outdoor pool, 2 indoor pools, and a full service spa. There are 6 restaurants and several bars are located on site. Access to this hotel is only possible with a invitation or reservation. There is also a dress code which needs to be followed to enter in the hotel. No shorts and sneakers are allowed in the hotel. You can Apply Online Dubai Visa through the internet and get Visa To Dubai easily. Download the Dubai Visa Application Form Online.

10 Interesting Facts About Burj Al Arab – Get Your Visa Now And Travel To Dubai!