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Promote Privacy and Your Brand with Decorative Glass Film

Window films are ideal ways to achieve privacy for your home or office. They come in multiple designs, patterns, and colors, making them the perfect choice for any interior. They are ideal for the living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and doors, both for modern and classic interiors. You can use them to hide interiors or simply freshen up your windows and doors. Films are easy to install – you can use either a static or adhesive cling application method, depending on the model.
Still unsure about window films? Here's a short guide that will explain how window films can promote privacy and decorate your window or door:

Window films – the easy, cheap and effective solution

Window films are incredibly effective ways to create privacy and decorate any room. The effect is double: you can decorate your home with films even on the outside. Think about it, with a single roll, you can decorate your windows, bring a fresh look to the interior of your home and keep prying eyes out. What's more, the natural light comes in, so you won't lose anything. Window films also stop dangerous UV rays, don't get damaged in time and will keep energy bills down. It will also create your own personal oasis of privacy.

Window films are more reliable than curtains, shades, and blinds

Curtains, shades, and blinds are difficult to install and operate and are a little “heavy” on the window. They are too visible and aggressive for most homeowners. If you want a more elegant way of protecting the interior of your home from excessive sunlight and decorate your window, decorative glass film is the best tool for you. Also, when it comes to prices, you simply can't beat window films. For a fraction of the price of shades, blinds or curtains, you get the full benefits of these items. There's another advantage: you don't have to cover the whole window to get the desired effect. Simply cut the film according to your needs. Want to cover the whole window? That's OK! Want to cover a small corner and make a nice detailed artwork? That's fine too!

How much does it cost? It's incredibly cheap!

Decorative privacy window film is an amazing DIY product, so the prices are very low. You can buy a roll and start working on it and create your own designs. Similarly, you can contact the company for a custom design. Usually, decorative window film prices hover around $7 to $10 per square foot, while custom blinds and roman shades will set you back $25 to $40 per square foot.

The installation – can it get any easier?

Easy, incredibly easy – that's how you install a decorative privacy window film. You have two application methods: the static cling and the adhesive cling. Most decorative window films use a static cling, as it is easier to use and works immediately. What's more, you can reposition the film with minimal effort. On the other hand, the adhesive cling application method is ideal if you want a long term solution and you want a special design that requires a fixed application method. The adhesive cling applied window film cannot be moved, so you'll have to get it right from the first time. Either way, installation is incredibly easy: just get a ruler and a cutter – you just cut the model you want and cling it on the window. You are good to go!

Where can you install it?

You can install privacy or decorative glass film anywhere you want. Your office, your living room, your bedroom or the bathroom are ideal locations. Also, if you want to use decorative film glass to promote your brand, you can use in your office, in your conference room, in the reception or in the hallway. The options are unlimited. Interior doors, for instance, are very popular for decorative films – you can have a custom film that features your brand or logo, sDecorative privacy window filmo clients can easily identify your company or office. Creating intimate rooms has never been easier – just apply it to windows and door and you will have your personal oasis of intimacy.

How to choose a privacy or decorative glass film?

You are lucky! These window films come in virtually any type of design and color. What's more, you can design your own special films, according to your needs. Single colors, multiple colors, fading colors, translucent textures, fonts, logos, brands, and even pictures can be featured on decorative window films. You can get anything you can imagine. It's doable, cheap and effective. And you will love it!
The most common are frosted decorative films. They come in large rolls and can be customized, cut and colored according to your needs. They are applied easily with a water-based adhesive. Try to avoid bright colors as they can create a weird atmosphere in your home or office. The interior may become too colorful – most people hate that.

How much film should you buy?

You will usually find the film in standard size rolls. Some rolls may be bigger than others, but make sure you buy enough film so you can cover all your windows and doors. If you want to customize it, contact a local company that can offer this service to you. Ideally, you should measure your windows and doors before buying the film, as it will help you a lot when you are cutting and installing it. The next step is to cut to fit. Recheck the size of the window or door and adjust the film to their size.

How does decorative privacy window film look at night?

This is something you'll need to think about. Some designs look awesome during night time, but they are not so impressive during daylight. Try to create a design that looks amazing both during night time and durinwindow filmsg day time. This is especially true for your home. For your office, a design that looks good during the day is ideal. Include your brand, your logo and you're good to go!