High Roller Gateway District, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Chris Reccardi

One of the best things about the High Roller observation wheel was the mood set by the swanky art. A little google-ing and I found out the artist is named Chris Riccardi. I love the swingy vibe.

"When I met with Caesars to discuss design for The Linq art, we explored the various themes surrounding the concept of the wheel as a universal icon. Influenced by years of working in animation, I approached the exhibition with a linear story in mind, and, inspired by the concept of the wheel as a symbol of movement, cycles and change, decided to loosely portray two individuals, one rigid and methodic and the other carefree and spontaneous, and the "cycle" of their meeting and resulting change."


Here is a video portfolio of Chris Reccardi's 9-piece large format custom art installation for Caesars Linq High Roller attraction, Las Vegas, NV.