San Carlos, California, United States

Do you know about...

One day, while driving up the big hill to our old house, I tried to get the kids to tell me about their day. Lately, my sweet little 7 and 9 year old chatterboxes had nothing to share. I received the typical shrugs.

Then, suddenly a burst of energy erupted in the back-seat. My 7 year old son had something to share.

Son: Mom, Guess what!
Me: What?
Son: Do you know about sh*t?
Me: Um. Um. Where did you learn that word?
Son: I know 4 of these words. Emily knows 7. She is telling me the other ones tomorrow!
Me: Hold on.
Son: Do you know bullsh*t?
Daughter: Punish him! You never punish him!
Me: Let's talk about this inside.
Daughter: If I would have said that, I would be in so much trouble. He's your favorite and you baby him. He's going to end up in jail.
Me: That's not true. He doesn't know what he's saying.
Son: Yes, I do! Do you know about a**hole?
Daughter: Punish him! How do you think I feel?