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Scrum Master

Living in Silicon Valley, we take pride in our STEM education. As the parents learn the best practices of agile development, we dream of what our children will create when they become the scrum masters.

After moving to Beijing, I expected that pollution would be my biggest fear. Little did I know that I would know the panic of being a rugby parent.

The game is rough and violent. The rules are barbaric and encourage injuries. My sweet daughter signed up on the first day and joined the other beasts in the scrum. I became the rugby snack mom, packing oranges and molding mouth-guards. We hosted four students from Hong Kong during the Tiger Cup. We watched the few female rugby matches on tv, mostly from the Phillippines. Her team looked like the walking wounded on awards night complete with slings, braces and a wheelchair.

And, luckily, we still have an A in Math and Science.

Scrum Master