Matanzas Creek Winery Santa Rosa, California, United States

Tasting & Cheese Pairing

Trust me- it's worth joining the wine club for. Or, the $25 per person fee. You get to have a culinary experience and learn at the same time. Brilliant! For me, the cheese pairing helped me understand some wines that never seemed to find their place.

The cheese tasting is a lovely (no other word for it, sorry...) way to experience wine. Not only will you discover the nuances of the wine, you will also get to learn about the local creameries that produce the cheese. Basically, you enjoy limited production wines with local cheeses that have been matched by a person who spends their days dreaming up cheese and wine pairings.

This is how it works:

1) Taste a sip of wine (start from the left!)

2) Take a nibble of cheese

3) Add a taste of one of the corresponding jam

4) Retaste the wine

Repeat! Now, notice the chocolate with lavender inside. That is your final step. It's usually enjoyed with a desert wine or some other rich wine brought out from the Journey (reserve) collection.

Tasting & Cheese Pairing