Athens, Greece

Bernalwood Annexes The Acropolis

Not content with the false peace governing their Lenguan land grab, the evil overlords of Bernalwood have taken over the Acropolis. Did they think we're all too distracted by the Russian incursion into Crimea to notice? Are we going to let this stand?

Ηελλ Νο!

Fortunately, the Partisan Liberators of Plaka (PloP), taking strength and guidance from the Lenguan Liberation Army (better known as “LaLLa”) are fighting back. Armed with specially modified souvlaki pistols, they have thus far withstood attacks from the Cobra helicopters and F1 Fighter Jets which have been darkening the skies of late.

I have it on good authority that a Souvlaki Rail Gun, fashioned after the famed Burrito Rail Gun is in the works.

Bernalwood Annexes The Acropolis