Bletchley Park Bletchley, England, United Kingdom

The Most Important Lesson

I'd been wanting to visit Bletchley Park for a long time now and finally had the chance to do so. It's a short commuter train ride away from London's Euston Station.

If you're a nerd, this is a must-visit. It's only fairly recently that a full discussion of both the mechanics and the back stories of the 10,000 people who worked there to crack Enigma have come to be told.

A highlight is a group of veteran computer scientists who have recreated one of the ”Bombe” machines which were used to reduce the problem set. Apparently, the compute power of one of these machines was only equaled by a 2007 era dual-core 64 bit processor. Not bad for WW II era technology. You can chat with these folks on Tuesdays when they have an open lab.

To me, the most meaningful words were in a panel placed near the exit by Google that remind us that the genius minds who worked there belonged to people with diverse backgrounds. That was the secret sauce which enabled them to shorten the war by two years.

The Most Important Lesson