Khattalwada, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India

Manuscript [2007.0.74]: Shiviti Plaque, India, n.d.

Shiviti plaque

Rectangular sheet shiviti plaque; hand-written Hebrew square script composition; outer text border made of scriptural verses relating to the menorah; Tetragrammaton in large letters at top center flanked by Ten Commandments and Priestly Blessing texts enclosed in arch-top frames; six small menorah forms composed of text from Psalms from center right to left; three large Menorah forms with text appear from lower right to left (Psalms 67 and 23 and anah be-koach); apotropaic abbreviations in between and underneath the lower menorahs; graphite grid lines visible; plaque adhered to cardboard backing.

Magnes Database Record