Cafe Batavia Tamansari, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

Cafe Batavia

In this sprawling metropolis of a city, it’s hard to imagine that Jakarta was once confined to just a small area here around an area that was known as Batavia. Today it is called Old Town or Kota Tua – and it’s a reminder of the centuries of Indonesian history dominated by Europeans.

After all the museums and walking around the Old Town, the most authentic place to have a rest is Batavia Café. It’s on the main square with a view across to the old City Hall.

The building was constructed in 1850 in the colonial style and the interior has been designed with this history in mind. It’s been a restaurant for about 20 years but tries to replicate the mood of the old Dutch city of Batavia.

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Cafe Batavia