Kanawa Island Komodo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Republic of Indonesia

Kanawa Island

It's a small island that you can only get to by boat. But Kanawa Island and it's beach is worth the effort. Even with the small 'resort' of bungalows built on the sand, it feels like you are cut off from everything.

It's possible to come to Kanawa Beach just for a day trip and some boats will stop here as part of a journey to Komodo. but you can also stay overnight. A bungalow will cost about US$30 a night for a single or US$40 for a double.

I loved it here - it felt like a little bit of paradise away from the usual tourist trail.
The swimming and snorkelling here is also some of the best you will ever discover in the world. And while you’re discovering it, you’ll probably even find Nemo hiding amongst the long waving corals underwater. The clear azure water reveals all.

You can see more on my blog: http://www.timetravelturtle.com/2012/11/pink-beach-kanawa-beach-indonesia/

Kanawa Island