Muskau Park Bad Muskau, Sachsen, Germany

Muskauer Park

Muskauer Park straddles the border of Germany and Poland with large parts of the garden in both countries. It’s a testament to cross-country cooperation that there is a smooth synergy between both sides and, if it wasn’t for the river as the border, it would be hard to know where one ends and the other starts.

I approached it from the German side, which has the main buildings in it. As you cross the river, signs on each side have the colours of Germany or Poland. It takes me several hours to walk around the route that I’ve chosen – and there’s still a lot more I could have seen.

It would probably take all day to properly walk through it all. Bicycle is an excellent way to explore the furthest parts or a horse-drawn carriage is a more luxurious option. It is, though, easy enough to explore enough by yourself to see a variety of areas in a morning or afternoon.

My story about the park on my blog is here:

Muskauer Park