Congress Avenue Historic District, Austin, Texas, United States

Blockbuster Time Machine

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time? You can! Simply find a Blockbuster store [I know! I didn't know they still existed either!!]. I went into one tonight, and I swear it was like walking into 1988. Sure, [most of] the movies were newer, but the layout, the uniforms, the vibe, and probably the boxes of candy were all from decades ago. There were even two guys working: one was the "Movie Store Geek" who, when I asked where a particular movie might be, said, "That came out in 2011, right? It'll be over there." The other guy was the quiet, surly guy who didn't really want to be there, but didn't really want a "real" job either; he checked me out and I *really* felt like I was inconveniencing him terribly. And to cap off my experience and *really* make me feel like my young self: I had to get a membership! I'm serious! You can rent a DVD from a box inside Safeway with nothing but your credit card, but to rent from a brick-and-mortar Blockbuster you still need to give an ID and an address. Oh hello 1980s, how YOU been?