Culver City, California, United States


CRASH Space is "a hackerspace in Los Angeles, and is part of the growing global hackerspace movement. We are a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, artists and people who generally like to break things and see what new things we can build with the pieces. We meet regularly at our physical location in Culver City. Crash Space is generally open to members only, but we also do regularly scheduled classes and other events."

On Sunday they had a grand opening for their Little Free LIbrary (which looks like a miniature version of the actual CRASH Space), and a swap-o-rama-rama event (which involves lots of folks cutting up donated clothes and making new clothes). I helped with sewing a bit. It was fun to explore their facilities--wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab; in the main front room, there was a woman demonstrating how to incorporate LEDs into clothing. And really beautiful pastries donated by a local bakery. Excellent afternoon!

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