East MLK, Austin, Texas, United States

Tarot card reading in a vintage trailer

I have known Angeliska via social media for years, and when she saw I was visiting Austin, she invited me to book a time for tarot card reading. Without even thinking about it, I booked the first available time! My experience was over the top positive, and I am so glad that I did see Angeliska and she helped me to see some of the things I needed to see of my life.

I think my husband was a little worried when he dropped me off at the East Austin address late Friday evening. Angeliska, better known as the Sister Temperance, has her vintage 1940's style trailer in her fenced in backyard, and as I opened the wooden door, I could hear large dogs barking inside her house. She was waiting for me at the trailer and asked me to come in. In all honesty, I have had some not so positive experiences with spiritual healers in the past, and since I knew Angeliska was aware of my lifestyle, I jokingly said to my husband I will walk right out if she sees world travels from my cards.

In the one hour session Angeliska drew me 15 cards, and in fact card The World, that symbolizes travel, was one of them. She was smart enough not to even mention the most trivial thing for me, and I was very thankful for the insightful session we had, focusing on the things in my life that needed some extra attention.

Read more and book a time at http://www.sistertemperance.com/

Tarot card reading in a vintage trailer