University South, Palo Alto, California, United States

The Chocolate Garage

Increasing the positive impact of cacao became Sunita's passion more than 7 years ago when she met a native Quechua farmer and began to see how chocolate production affected the health of communities around the world. Sunita was inspired to make what she calls 'Happy Chocolate' more widely available and almost 8 years later, The Chocolate Garage is hard at work to make this dream a reality.

Chocolate aficionados know that the field of cacao and chocolate covers everything from chemistry, politics, agriculture, biology, love, neuroreceptors, flavor, exploitation, vasodilation, addiction, and sustainability. To mention a few. Chocolate is varied and complex enough to keep the biggest geek interested for life and the most superficial glutton eating it regularly.

Sunita falls somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum... and brings her scientific training in molecular biology along with a tremendous appetite for yummy food to the table.

One day, I want to be Sunita. Maybe my garage can become a chocolate garage too?

The Chocolate Garage