Findery University

What is Findery?

The world is your classroom. On Findery, you can find and leave notes across the globe. Some examples: a free school under a bridge, Barack Obama’s first job, a zebra ranch in California. Learn geography, learn history, add your own personal stories, and mark the paths of your explorations.

Getting Started
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Sign Up!" and follow the prompts
  3. Don't be afraid of the FAQs
  4. Update your settings, jump in and create your first note, or just start exploring

Use the location field to travel the map, or Search to find people, places, or notes. Browse the activity feed, other members' favorites, or roam the map. Find existing student projects through the tag #finderyU.

Leave a Note
  1. Click "Leave a Note"
  2. Start with place: search for the location or drag the pin on the map
  3. Add content: title, text, photo, media
  4. Add tags, and put it in a set if you want
  5. Choose the privacy for your note: the public, specific members, or only you

Findery for Students

A printable handout [PDF]
about Findery University

Lesson Plans [PDFs] Lesson plans also on Scribd


Findery makes information about places come alive with tidbits of history and personal anecdotes.


Findery helps you visualize and remember where things are in the world. You can organize a project with a set or tag and keep track of notes you like by adding them to your favorites.

Get Creative

You can use sets for projects like scavenger hunts or field trip logs, explore with satellite view, or sleuth with other members to figure out where in the world something is.

Tips for Great Notes
  • When placing note, use as specific a location as possible
  • Add a photo
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Fill out all fields (set, place, tags, address, etc.)
  • Use your own words and credit your sources
  • Add unobtrusive links using
    <a href="paste link here">page’s title</a>
  • When including a YouTube video, click play during note creation preview to ensure that 3rd party sharing is enabled

Findery University is intended for higher education.

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