North Hollywood, Burbank, California, United States

An airport hidden under a fake suburb

During World War II Lockheed Air Terminal was not only Los Angeles' main airport, but also a massive facility that produced warplanes.

Due to its west coast location it was considered vulnerable to Japanese bombers. Rather than moving the facility, it was decided that Lockheed would be extensively camouflaged. The buildings were made to appear as grain fields and houses, the parking lots were covered with netting to appear as fields, and an extensive smoke screen system was installed to hide the plant under smoke.

Colonel John F Ohmer was incharge of the disguise. He enlisted artists, actors and carpenters from Hollywood to help. To maintaining the illusion of a neighborhood, workers would move automobiles around, take walks on hidden catwalks and put fake laundry up on fake washing lines.

The airport remained camouflaged until threat of attack diminished.

Lockheed Air Terminal was renamed Burbank Glendale-Pasadena Airport in 1975.

Via, Amusing Planet, Think of Thwim and California State University

An airport hidden under a fake suburb